US Warranty Eagle Infinity Program

NO Expiration Date
NO Expiration Mileage

A timeless plan that provides coverage for virtually all factory approved and factory or dealer installed electrical, electronic, hydraulic and/or mechanical parts essential for the operation of your vehicle.

Travel With Peace Of Mind

Different Than The Rest

Exclusionary coverage for Electrical, Electronic, Hydraulic and Mechanical components on the ENTIRE vehicle that also includes:

  • Consequential damage
  • Enhanced Wheel & Tire
  • Enhanced Service Calls

Additional Contract And Coverage

  • Heated Floor Components
  • WRAP Coverage under Eagle Guardian
  • Enhanced Wheel & Tire
  • Enhanced Service Calls

Custom Options Available

  • Paint & Fabric Protection
  • Powertrain Only
  • Coach Only
  • WRAP


  • Senior Citizen/Military Advantage: 25% reduction of your deductible for each.
  • Deductible Reduction: A 50% reduction of your deductible for repairs being performed at te dealer/seller.
  • Manufacturer's Deductible: Up to $100 towards your manufacturer's deductible for repairs that would otherwise be covered under our Service Contract.
  • Pet Benefit: Up to $300 for pet assistance.
  • Winterization Benefit: Up to $125 for winterization services.
  • Food Spoilage: Up to $150 for food spoilage.
  • Emergency Service Calls: $125 for an on-site service call if breakdown renders the vehicle immobile.
  • Roadside Assistance/Fluid/Lockout: $500 for battery jump, flat tire, fluid delivery and lockout.
  • Towing: $1,000 for towing.
  • Trip Interruption: $450 for meals and lodging.
  • Substitute Transportation: Up to $500 for a rental vehicle.