How Our Extended RV Warranty Protects

We get it. You might be skeptical (or even cynical) of purchasing a recreational vehicle extended warranty. No one wants to pay an additional fee to bet on their new RV breakdown.
At RVing Solutions, our mission is to RV owners avoid the stress and heartache of mechanical breakdowns with a dependable RV extended warranty. We want you to spend your vacations relaxing and enjoying the scenery – not worrying.

With Our Warranties You…

Get Peace of Mind

A recreational vehicle extended warranty provides a safety net to cover repairs in case of a breakdown. The warranty provider absorbs the costs of fixing your RV – while you pay a flat, predictable monthly rate.

Protect Your Savings

Our RV extended warranty solutions protect your investment from rising labor costs and inflation in product pricing needed for rv repairs. RV extended warranty companies pay retail prices at the time of repair - and you will be insulated from those increases. Once you purchase an extended warranty contract, the administrator can’t come to you in year three asking for more money because prices have gone up.

Avoid Headaches in the Insurance Claim Process

Getting burned by poor coverage plans, hidden costs, loopholes buried in fine print, and administrators is the most frustrating aspect of owning an RV. Our warranty specialists know all the tricks companies use to shortchange buyers and deny claims – we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Work with Specialized RV Warranty Experts

RV Solutions has been helping RV owners get comprehensive coverage for many years. We know what a reliable extended warranty for an RV looks like – and more importantly, we know what it doesn’t look like. We’ll guide you in choosing the perfect solution for your needs.

Start Saving Today!

Coverage for your RV begins the day of the agreement purchase, which covers:

  • towing
  • roadside assistance
  • concierge service
  • RV technical support
  • service call reimbursements
  • travel expenses
  • food spoilage
  • fuel and L.P. gas replacement
  • claim assistance
  • substitute transportation
  • pet benefit
  • manufacturer’s deductible reimbursement
  • airfare benefit.

2 Types Of Coverage

Exclusionary Coverage

Exclusionary coverage provides the highest level of RV protection. This type of warranty is very easy to understand, as everything on the RV is covered, except for the items specified as not covered. The exclusionary RV extended warranty provides complete peace of mind with a guaranteed fixed cost throughout the life of the RV.

Stated Coverage

Stated coverage specifically lists what components and systems are covered – and it ONLY covers those items. These RV extended warranty plans are more affordable, but you assume more risk as the RV ages and certain components are not covered. In the case of a breakdown, you may be responsible for certain RV repairs.