How Our Extended RV Warranty Protects

We get it. Some people are skeptical (or even cynical) about extended warranties and hate paying an additional fee to bet on your new RV breaking. Our goal is to keep you and your family enjoying your recreational vehicle and your favorite scenery, free from the stress often associated with mechanical breakdowns.

With Our Warranties You…

Protect Your Savings

Our extended warranty protects you from rising parts/labor prices and inflation. The warranty company will pay retail prices at the time of repair, but you, the buyer will be insulated from those price increases. In other words, once you purchase a contract, the Administrator can’t come to you in year three asking you for more money because prices have gone up.

Avoid Claims Headaches

We get it because, maybe like you, we have been burned and seen others get burned by poor coverage, plans or administrators that seemed to go out of their way to deny legitimate claims or rely on fine print exclusions to deny a claim.

Start Saving Today!

Coverage for these benefits begins the day of agreement purchase and includes items such as towing and road service, concierge service, RV technical support, service call reimbursements, travel expenses, food spoilage, fuel and L.P. gas replacement, claim assistance, substitute transportation, pet benefit, manufacturer’s deductible reimbursement and airfare benefit.

2 Types Of Coverage

Exclusionary Coverage

This is the most comprehensive coverage offered and it’s the easiest to understand as everything on the RV is covered except the items specifically listed as not covered. While this coverage comes with a higher initial investment it provides the ultimate peace of mind and a guaranteed fixed cost of ownership for the life of the RV.

Stated Coverage

This type of coverage specifically lists what components and systems are covered and only covers those items. While more affordable initially, you assume more risk as the RV ages and more components and systems that aren’t specifically covered begin to breakdown or need repairs.