How To Choose The Best RV Extended Warranty For You

You put a considerable amount of time and attention into finding and purchasing the perfect RV for you and your family, not to mention a significant amount of money. You researched the different RV models, picked out the perfect RV interior finishes, and chose all must-have fixtures and accessories. Once you narrowed down your choices, you likely visited your local RV dealership to tour models and negotiate the best price for your dream RV.

If you genuinely want to protect your new investment so that you can enjoy it for years to come, then there is one more step that you must take. You will need to select an RV extended warranty that fits your RV lifestyle your budget and provides all of the coverage you need to ensure that your RV is covered no matter what the RV lifestyle throws at you.

Let’s take a look at what an RV extended warranty is, the benefits of an RV extended warranty, and how to choose the best RV extended warranty for you.

What Is An RV Extended Warranty?

When you purchase a brand new RV from the RV dealership, you can expect it to come with a manufacturer’s RV warranty which covers the cost of many repairs and replacements of parts and components constructed by the manufacturer. However, this standard RV warranty coverage is pretty restricted. For example, a manufacturer’s warranty will likely not cover the cost of repair or replacement for features and fixtures manufactured elsewhere and installed in the RV at the time of assembly.

Most RV manufacturers’ warranties cover only those repairs or replacements needed due to a manufacturer defect or faulty construction. This means that they may not cover the repair cost if they believe that the part failed due to simple wear and tear.

Furthermore, the manufacturer’s warranty coverage is generally non-transferable, meaning that as soon as the RV changes hands, the original RV manufacturer’s warranty is null and void.

An RV extended warranty, provided by third-party providers, like RVingSolutions and others, expand on the basic coverage offered by the original RV manufacturer’s warranty to include additional coverage for repair and replacement of most components of fixtures of the RV regardless of manufacturer and to allow for regular maintenance costs, and the cost of repairs and replacements due to normal wear and tear. Additionally, an RV extended warranty covers used RVs, which would no longer be covered under the original owner’s manufacturer’s warranty.

The Top Benefits Of An RV Extended Warranty

We have discussed the general advantages of purchasing an RV extended warranty for your RV. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the specific benefits of an RV extended warranty.

Avoid Costly Repair Bills

Anyone who has owned a vehicle or a home knows how often both need maintenance or repair and just how costly those maintenance and repair costs can be. Now consider that an RV is essentially both a vehicle and a home in one package. You can begin to imagine how vital maintenance will be to the longevity of your RV and how expensive the inevitable repair and replacement costs will be for such a large and complex structure.

An RV extended warranty helps you to avoid those high RV maintenance costs and budget-busting unexpected repair and replacement bills by providing coverage for the many parts, components, and fixtures that make up your RV.

RV extended warranty coverage can include everything from the engine and powertrain to the bathroom and kitchen fixtures and electronic accessories. What’s more, by covering the cost of routine maintenance on your RV, you are more likely to have a safe and reliable RV and less likely to wind up stranded on the side of the road due to an unexpected equipment failure.

Anywhere, Anytime Assistance

Of course, even the most meticulously maintained rigs are bound to experience a mechanical failure or breakdown at some point. However, when that inevitable event occurs, you can rest assured that your family will not be stranded on the roadside wondering how to get your RV to the repair shop.

Most RV extended warranty coverage includes a nationwide network of qualified RV repair services offered 24 hours a day. Seven days a week, 365 days a year, service providers can be dispatched to repair a flat tire, jumpstart or replace a dead battery, or tow your RV to a qualified RV repair shop for more complex repairs.

Additionally, many RV extended warranty providers will also cover the cost of a rental car or taxi service and overnight hotel stay for you and your family while your RV is in the RV repair shop being repaired.

An Expert In Your Corner

If your RV does wind up in the repair shop, in need of a significant repair or replacement, you will not need to worry about whether you are getting the best service at the best price. Most RV extended warranty providers will deal directly with the RV repair facility to negotiate the best repair and replacement options available for your RV in a given location.

This eliminates the risk of price gouging or the chance that you may be charged for repairs or replacements you do not need.

Your RVingSolutions, and other extended warranty providers, act as industry expert advocates to ensure that you always get the best possible service at the best possible price and that all repairs are completed in an efficient and timely manner.

Choosing The Best RV Extended Warranty For You

Now that we have discussed the benefits of an RV extended warranty let’s look at how to choose the best RV extended warranty coverage for your RV and your RV lifestyle.

First, you will need to consider the type of RV that you will need RV extended warranty coverage for. For example, a powered RV such as a Class A motorhome, Class C motorhome, or Camper Van will need RV extended warranty coverage for the engine and transmission and powertrain as well as any other critical mechanical components required to ensure that your RV stays in good running condition.

All RVs will need coverage for the wheels, tires, drivetrain, and any other mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems incorporated into the RV and required for proper function.

Exclusionary Coverage Vs. Stated Coverage

When choosing the best RV extended warranty coverage for you, you will generally need to choose between a policy with exclusionary coverage or stated coverage.

Exclusionary coverage provides the most comprehensive RV extended warranty coverage available. Essentially, every part, component, and fixture is covered for the cost of any repair or replacement as long as it has not been expressly excluded from coverage at the time that the warranty was purchased.

Stated coverage can best be thought of as the opposite of exclusionary coverage. With a stated coverage policy, only those parts, components, and fixtures listed explicitly at the time of the warranty purchase will have the cost of repair and replacement covered.

Coverage For Essential Services

As mentioned above, several essential costs are to be covered beyond the repair and replacement expenses. For example, what happens if your RV breaks down in a remote or unfamiliar location, requires time-consuming maintenance, or needs to await shipment of hard-to-find, or out of stock, replacement parts? In the event of one of these common scenarios, you would need to locate a qualified repair shop that has the time, space, and know-how to perform the required repairs, you would need to arrange for a tow service to tow your RV to the repair shop location, and you will need to locate temporary housing and transportation for your family. At the same time, you wait for the repairs to be completed.

These necessary services can be challenging to obtain in a remote or unfamiliar location. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the RV extended warranty provider that you choose offers coverage that includes these vital services and the traditional repair and replacement costs.

Customer Service

Finally, even the most comprehensive RV extended warranty coverage will be of little use if you cannot get a hold of a qualified and knowledgeable customer service agent with the answers you need when you need them. Ideally, it would help if you looked for an RV extended warranty provider which offers responsive customer service agents available to assist whenever the need arises, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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Published March 1, 2022