Common RV Maintenance Issues That Most RV Owners Face

An RV is a wonderful investment in your personal happiness and freedom, but it comes with some complications as well. Your RV is a complex machine with many overlapping systems. It’s normal for RV owners to face maintenance issues both on and off the road. In fact, you can count on running into certain problems at some time in your RV’s life cycle. An RV warranty can keep you from being caught by surprise. Learn about the most common RV maintenance issues that most RV owners face, then discover the fastest way to get back on the road.

Plumbing Problems

Your RV’s toilet, shower, and sinks are some of its most valuable features. If you’re like most RV owners, you love having access to these private utilities on your travels. Your RV is a definite upgrade from relying on truck stops, restaurants, and campsite facilities. Yet sometimes, it seems like plumbing causes as many problems as it solves.

An RV is more likely to have plumbing problems than a house. That’s because RVs often use thin, lightweight pipes that are easy to clog. Hair, food, sand, and other small particles can quickly back up your pipes. Your camper’s flush system is also important to maintain. Using too much toilet paper will easily lead to trouble.

Plumbing repair is just one of the benefits an RV extended warranty provides. If you have plumbing problems on a trip, a quick call to your warranty company will get you road-worthy again.

Leaking Seals

An RV is a home on wheels, but it doesn’t offer the same elemental protection you’ll find in a traditional house. Wind, rain, snow, and other elements are directly outside your walls. Unlike a standard house, your RV doesn’t have an attic to protect you from the weather. That’s why it’s important to maintain your RV’s seals throughout its lifespan.

Cracked, leaking, and failing sealant creates many problems. If your RV’s roof or windows have a faulty sealant, you’re at risk for leaks, mold, and other damage. Your RV will also be drafty and uncomfortable when it leaks.

Make sure to inspect your seals at least once or twice a year. It’s a good idea to check your seals the first time you hit the road each season as well. The experts at your RV dealership can show you how to inspect your seals as part of your regular maintenance.

Propane Problems

Your RV’s propane system plays a vital role in any trip. Propane powers your appliances, water heater, and HVAC system. If your propane goes out, you can’t enjoy a warm meal, hot shower, or comfortable night’s sleep.

Properly functioning propane is more than just a comfort issue. Leaky propane systems can cause fires, explosions, and toxic gas poisoning. If you ever notice a gas leak in your RV, you need to take immediate action. Turn off the propane system as well as all gas appliances, then leave the RV and call 911.

You can prevent propane problems with some simple steps—schedule regular propane maintenance and inspection to keep your system in good order. One of the benefits of an RV extended warranty is that many repairs are covered by your policy. Don’t put off propane repairs: instead, fix problems as soon as you find them.

Low-Quality Tires And Wheels

Your RV wheels and tires take a beating. Campers are heavy vehicles that frequently see many miles on the road. Don’t skimp on your wheels and tires! Poor quality wheels, tires, or both can cause major issues on your next trip. Many RV owners find punctures, tears, bulges, loss of air pressure, and other tire problems.

Make the most of your tires with regular inspections, rotations, and replacements. Check your tires’ air level any time you hit the road. Changing temperatures can cause your air pressure to drop, which can lead to a blowout. There’s never a good time for tire trouble, but especially not when you’re in the middle of a trip. Consider investing in an RV extended warranty with roadside assistance benefits. RVingsolutions offers a range of upgraded warranty options that will protect you, even when a tire gives out.

Electrical Complications

Your RV’s electrical system is another place to expect problems. If you think about your RV as a small building that’s frequently bounced along the highway, it’s easy to understand why electrical problems are common. That doesn’t make them any easier to live with, though. You count on your electrical system to power small appliances, air conditioners, engine components, lighting, and other important amenities. Luckily, you can take some basic steps to protect your electrical system.

A camper’s electrical system doesn’t have as much power as you’d find in a house. It’s important not to overload your capabilities. Try not to run too many appliances at once since this could cause you to lose power entirely. Wiring problems and equipment malfunctions can also cause power problems. Most RV owners have an issue with their electrical system at some time. These repairs are necessary but can be extremely expensive. With parts and labor, you can expect to spend thousands of dollars on every electric issue.

Give yourself some peace of mind with an extended RV warranty from RVingsolutions. These plans cover mechanical failures and repairs, so they can save you huge amounts of money during an electrical emergency. There’s no need to keep an RV emergency fund or stress out about paying for electrical repairs when you have a reliable extended warranty!

Invest In Your RV With An Extended Warranty

RVs can be temperamental, requiring regular repairs and replacements. Most RV owners experience a variety of problems with their camper. Major systems like plumbing, electricity, and propane are all vulnerable to life on the road. Basic utilities like wheels and seals also need frequent updates. An RV extended warranty helps guarantee your repairs are handled as soon as you find them. Explore RV extended warranties at RVingsolutions and protect your camper today.

Published February 4, 2022