6 Ways a Good RV Warranty Coverage Can Help When You’re on the Road

Did you know that more than 11 million American households own an RV? 

Research reveals that an increasing number of people are motivated to own an RV because it offers a convenient way to go touring or camping while saving you anywhere from 27% to 62% on vacation costs. 

However, getting stuck with RV issues while you’re on the road is not an ideal situation under any circumstances. Thankfully, with a good RV extended warranty coverage, many common RV issues will be completely covered.

Why Get RV Extended Warranty Coverage?

Most RV manufacturers lack the resources to build every item of the vehicle themselves. They, therefore, buy most of the components from third-party companies and install them in the RV. This is why even well-built units commonly experience quality issues and suffer mechanical failures. In fact, findings suggest that,

  • 30% of RVs will need a major repair in their second year
  • 80% of RVs will require a major repair by their fifth year
  • Almost 100% will require a major repair by their eighth year

An extended warranty for RV protects owners from unexpected costs when any part or item of their vehicle gives way. Having an extended RV warranty coverage is essential because RV repairs can be costly. With a policy in place, you can continue traveling in peace, knowing that the costs of addressing common RV issues are covered. 

An extended warranty will cover all the mechanical components, RV appliances, and systems that enable your RV to operate. This includes the motor, transmission, septic, AC, refrigerator, freshwater system, water heater, and more. 

These are a few reasons why having a good recreational vehicle extended warranty is an absolute must. Let’s find out exactly what an extended warranty typically covers. 

1 Mechanical Troubles  

If any of the mechanical parts in your RV go awry, you can get them repaired under your recreational vehicle warranty. This includes internal lighting, radio, sound systems, appliances, leveling system, RV slide-outs, and so on. 

Your cooking range and oven will also be covered. This includes components such as burner assembly, burner valves, LP fittings and connections, microwave oven, PC boards, power hood, thermocouple, and thermostat.

Apart from these, your LP gas system will be protected. Fittings and shut-off system, gas lines, mounting brackets, pigtails, regulators/valves and gauges, all fall under the coverage. 

2 HVAC System Breakdowns

If the HVAC system in your recreational vehicle is not working correctly, you can have it repaired if it is under the listed components in your RV extended warranty coverage. 

These include parts of your air conditioning or ventilation systems, such as accumulator, capacitors, compressor, condenser, blower motor, ducts, control panel, and PC boards, electronic module, evaporator, heat strips, heat pump, expansion valve, receiver dryer, pressure cycling switch, relays, switches, thermostat, and ventilation fans.

Your RV extended warranty will also cover your heating system and its parts, including burner assembly, furnace ignitor, gas valve, LP fittings and connections, PC boards, thermocouple, and thermostat.

3 Engine and Transmission Issues  

If you have a motorhome and have purchased a power-train extended warranty, then this will be covered too. 

You can expect your RV extended warranty coverage to protect all internally lubricated RV engine parts, head and cylinder block, interior monitor/control panel, hydraulic door, inverter, PC boards, power step system, power converter, gauges, switches, starter, voltage regulator, and generator electrical components. 

When it comes to the chassis frame, it includes all components in the lift crank system (for pop-up campers), coupler, brackets, hubs, jack, welds, spring hangers, wheelbase frame landing gear, and winch stand.

4 Towing Cost

If you get a flat tire, have engine trouble, or other issues where you need to be towed, the towing cost can be covered by your recreational vehicle extended warranty. 

Your extended RV warranty coverage will entitle you certain towing and road benefits. Your vehicle will be eligible to be towed to the nearest qualified repair facility. Further, you can receive a reimbursement of up to $1,000 per towing occurrence if your RV is immobile. 

5 Waste and Water System Problems 

Plumbing issues and parts, such as water heaters, waste, and freshwater, are all covered under the RV extended warranty.

Components of the water heater, such as burner assembly, control panel, electronic ignition assembly, fittings and connections, gas valve, PC boards, switches, tank, thermostat, thermocouple, and wiring harness, will be covered under your recreational vehicle warranty. 

Your RV’s waste system, its fittings and connections, gate valves, holding tanks, shower, sinks, and toilet will also be included in the coverage. Moreover, your policy will cover the freshwater system and its various parts, such as the compressor, faucets, traps, water lines, water tank, water pump, and fittings and connections.

6 Brakes and Suspension Repairs

All parts in the suspension and RV braking systems are covered, including coil and leaf springs, suspension components, axles, wheel bearings, drums, cylinders, and so on. 

Your RV extended warranty coverage will also include the backing plates, hydraulic/electrical brake actuators, master cylinder, suspension actuators, rubberized suspension parts, spindles, and axle shafts.


Just like with most other vehicles, the chances of experiencing a major mechanical failure are high, even with your RV. It’s no secret that RV repair and labor costs have only been increasing through the years, and this is expected to continue going forward. 

It is, therefore, crucial that you protect yourself and your finances from unexpected breakdowns and escalating repair costs. Your RV extended warranty coverage can ensure this. 

When you do incur the inevitable RV repair costs, you will breathe easy knowing that they are covered under your extended warranty. You will not dread returning home to an enormous RV repair bill awaiting you, possibly ruining your vacation. 

Hopefully, the above information will help you understand how your RV extended warranty coverage can be helpful when you’re on the road. 

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